Who is in jail?

who is in jail? by sir alexander blake

I wonder who is in jail.
I mean, who is dangerous enough to be incarcerated, isolated, singled out from the others.

Of course you have those who are “against the law”, or rather, “against the others”, not in terms of the system, society by itself, but against simple, common people. In this group you have killers, rappers, real criminals.
But you will find out that there are good people in jail too, people behind goodness, supporting good causes.
And I think the better the cause is, the bigger the social ethics is behind the “crime”, the more dangerous the criminal is considered.

Let’s us go back to the sixties, the seventies, even much earlier, when popular music was much more than just entertainment.
Looking back on those times, we can figure out why so many musicians were locked up: because they was too dicey for the system.
They thought about things, said things, did things that it was an unbalancing factor… And this is something really bad if your are in the conservative side, like the establishment.
Popular music had something to say, something to do. It was fresh, it brought about loads of new and valuable things.
Pointing out subjects like racism, social inequality and outrage, system abuses, general exploitation, all of this issues that are supposed to be invisible, in fact are disturbing, inconvenient.
So, vexing, annoying people that never understood that is better to sing about love (and your girlfriend, moonlight, flowers, angels and birds) should be turned out.

Let me bring in this idea: the former place of the popular music, is now the place of more recent ways to hack the system.
Right now, not one contemporary musician is in jail to say or propose something disruptive; Assange and Snowden are. And even better: men of the street involved in things like “15M”, “Occupy Wall Street” or the “Umbrella Revolution”.
Music just gave up on this responsibility: too many tacky songs, too much elevator music, “Muzac philosophy”…


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